About Mark

My name is Mark Meadows. Basically, other than my immediate family, I like dogs better than all people.  Most all dogs sense the connection and are comfortable with me right away. In the summer of 2008 I embarked on my second career.  I decided to combine my love of dogs with my interest in art/styling and enrolled in classes at a grooming school.  There I earned certificates in dog grooming, pet first aid/CPR, and pet hygiene. My natural connection with the dogs helped make the training a breeze and I progressed fairly quickly.  Right after final exams I began to apply my new skills, gaining valuable experience and confidence while working/studying with some awesome groomers at several shops in and around Los Angeles.  My skills are now at a high level and continue to improve with every groom from the simple summer shave down to the very involved “breed cuts.”  In the fall of 2010 I struck out on my own and began providing mobile grooming services to friends and family.  In July 2011 I purchased my beautiful, state of the art mobile grooming salon trailer.  It’s so amazing!  Spacious, super clean, sanitary, well lit, air conditioned, heated, equipped to handle any size or breed of dog and completely self contained including power generator.  I use only the best, environmentally friendly products and a large collection of top of the line grooming tools to provide the best personalized grooming services to folks in the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys…and the greater LA area.