Pet Hero Award

petheroscanIn April of 2010 I was honored to receive the “Pet Hero” award at the Pawstronomical Pet CPR Event held in Burbank, CA.  The conference was hosted by Denise Fleck of Sunny-dog Ink and the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter.  Denise travels the country teaching pet first aid and CPR courses.  I had the pleasure of taking her course during my training at Wag My Tail grooming school and it was not only a fun class, but it was also packed full of very useful information.  Of course during the class she stressed the importance of repeating the techniques many times so they became second nature.  Unfortunately, I had to call on my CPR training while grooming at a local shop in ’09.  The very young second groomer, working on the table behind me that day, had walked away and left an old, blind, overweight golden retriever on the table to “check in” two small dogs.  He returned after five minutes and gasped in horror when he saw that the dog had slipped off the table and was hanging lifeless from the noose.  Luckily, my CPR training kicked in and I was able to revive the dog after about 40 seconds.  We rushed Buddy to the nearest pet hospital and after inspection the vet said he was gonna be fine.  Whew!!!!!  Thank goodness….it does work!  I also want to give big thanks to Denise Fleck and the folks at the Burbank, CA Animal Shelter.  YOU ROCK!!!!!  Keep up the great work!!!