COVID-19 Update

Marks Mobile Dog Salon understands, and shares in, the concerns regarding the coronavirus and is closely following and adhering to all local and national guidelines during the COVID-19/coronavirus epidemic. Our standard practices make us well positioned to keep all of our customers (and their doggies) safe, but we have enhanced several areas, to help ensure that everyone is well protected during this unprecedented time.


The mobile salon is fully sterilized every day. No person besides the groomer, Mark, is or will be allowed into the mobile salon for any reason other than emergency. If an emergency takes place and any other person is inside the solon, it will be fully sterilized again before the next use.

Social Distancing

We follow social distancing guidelines with regard to social distancing and maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from customers at all times. Transfers typically take place by the owner leashing a dog to a fixed position (see image), and then Mark retrieving the dog from there. In addition, we require that clients remove their dog’s collar and attach the dog only to the “choke chain” on the tether in order to prevent cross-contamination from the collar. If you would like to have a different arrangement or have special needs, details can be arranged on a person-to-person basis.


Cash payments are still accepted. To make a cash payment, please place the money in a clear ziplock bag or wrapped in plastic.

Electronic payments are handled via Venmo, Zelle and Square. This process allows either manual entry of credit card information or physical swipe of the card. If a physical swipe of the credit card is required, we will swipe the card using the Square app and will work out details of the physical transaction on a case by case basis.

Shelter In Place

In addition to these practices, we are well positioned in that Mark lives and works alone in areas with no shared living quarters.

We appreciate how stressful this time can be and are doing everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you and your doggies. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Mark directly.